Grants by Year

Waverly Education Foundation GRANTS
Applicant School Description Amount TOTAL
1997 Spring Patricia Davis Elementary Schools Happendance $100.00 $1,710.00
William Prahler High School Lacrosse Club $650.00
Kevin Byrnes High School Aerobic Fitness $260.00
Pam Hawkins Windemere View At Risk Reading $700.00
1998 Spring Jim Ellis District Summer School Program $960.00 $5,199.79
Mary Maidlow Middle School Video Production Studio $2,314.79
Kathleen Jenkins Middle School EMI Lugnut Outing $300.00
Kelly Fortino High School Orchestra Uniforms $1,000.00
Seney, Rowden, Hawkins & Dexter Winans, Elmwood & View New Zealand Reading Recovery Program $625.00
Fall Pat Roth Windemere View At Risk Reading $900.00 $4,300.00
William Cecil Waverly East Storyteller as Hero $2,500.00
Jamie Holland & Kelly Blake Colt Elementary Big Books $900.00
1999 Spring Laura Pastirik High School Trip to Africa $500.00 $2,000.00
Marty Pohl High School Timer for Swimming Pool $1,000.00
Lois Marinangeli Middle School Girls Volleyball Program $500.00
Fall Laura Pastirik High School Zimbabwe Sister School $1,000.00 $4,025.00
Linda Reha Waverly East EMI Student Managed Store $300.00
Chris Barrera High School Air Watch System $500.00
Jacob Keplinger High School Band Uniforms $1,000.00
Elaine Noffze Colt Elementary Author Appearance $400.00
Elise Wile Colt Elementary Purchase of HP Printer $75.00
Michael Nauss Waverly East Thematic Instruction Model $500.00
Stephanie Moubray Waverly East Language Arts Supplies $250.00
2000 Spring Carolyn Henderson Elmwood Elementary Bass Xylophone $1,070.00 $4,000.00
Carolyn Henderson Windemere View Bass Xylophone $1,030.00
Erin Kelly High School Women’s Lacrosse Team $600.00
Kelly Fortino High School Orchestra Uniforms $1,000.00
Randy Smity & Kelly Blaker Elmwood Elementary Balance Literacy Program $300.00
Fall Tricia Briningstool Colt Elementary Six Trait Literature Collection $150.00 $2,650.00
Don Vernon & Kelly Smith Middle School Wonders We Seek Program $2,500.00
2001 Spring Becky Greisinger Colt Elementary Speaker for Writing Workshop $1,200.00 $2,366.86
H. Patricia Davis Windemere View Art Trip $555.00
Colleen VanNoord & Dan Pappas District Summer Literacy Program $500.00
Ingrid Schwab Windemere View CSs for Kindergarten Class $111.86
Fall Bridget Kelly Middle School Seeing Stars Program $300.00 $3,348.00
Betsy Clinton & Becky Toms Winans Elementary Second Step Violence Prevention Program $1,048.00
Elaine Noffze Colt Elementary Author for March Reading Month $2,000.00
2002 Spring Natalie Fisher Middle School Student Run Store $2,000.00 $4,950.00
Patricia Davis Elmwood & Windemere View Culture Kit for Hispanic Culture $250.00
Marty Couretas District Weather Net Program $2,700.00
Fall Barbara Powers Waverly East 50 Books by Eva Schloss $350.00 $2,579.00
Dawn Gierman Colt Elementary Equipment for PPI $1,729.00
Jerri Smrchek Elmwood Elementary Michigan Habitat Site Improvements $500.00
2003 Spring Greg Molena Waverly East ???? $306.00 $5,306.00
Ben Knapp High School Choir $2,500.00
Patricia Davis Elmwood Elementary Habitat Site $500.00
Erin Kelly Waverly Lacrosse Lacrosse Uniforms $2,000.00
Fall Ben Knapp High School Choir Dresses $1,100.00 $5,552.50
Chris Alvarado & Chris White High School Quiz Bowl $800.00
Barb Powers Middle School Eva Schloss Field Trip $472.50
Bridget Kelly Middle School Wharton Center Field Trips $180.00
Mike Kidd Waverly Hockey Hockey Fees $1,000.00
Pam Hawkins Windemere View Reading Recovery Books $2,000.00
2004 Spring Patricia Davis Elmwood Elementary Elmwood Habitat Site $500.00 $1,956.00
Mary Lou Somerville Windemere View Digital Recorder $456.00
Gloria Gonzales Elmwood Elementary Author Appearance $1,000.00
Fall David Larzelere High School Sound Machine $1,300.00 $5,872.09
Paula Fedewa Waverly East SOS Program $200.00
Dan Carr High School Book Making Materials $150.00
P. VanVoorhees High School Theater Props and Costumes $1,300.00
Bruce Johnson Administration Autocad $439.69
Ryan Covey High School Communication Devices $2,021.00
Barb Powers Waverly East Great Books $186.40
Karen Burgess Colt Elementary ???? $275.00
2005 Spring Betty McClay District Anti-Bullying Video $100.00 $5,967.50
Kathy McDaniel Middle School Art with Heart Club $811.00
Phil Odlum High School Score Boards $2,004.00
Scott McGraw High School Elec. Touch Pads for Pool $652.50
Doug Keyes High School In-house Broadcast Switch $2,400.00
Fall Shelly Teklinsky High School Dance Team Uniforms & Barre $365.00 $4,702.50
Michael Wheaton Middle School Choir Robes $1,500.00
Joan Magnotta District Reading Recovery – Third Wave $65.00
Sonja Cornell District Elementary Bookroom Books $500.00
Megan Davis High School Vivacity Winter Guard $827.00
Patricia Davis Windemere View Kiln $1,445.50
2006 Spring Nicholas Niederquell Middle School Graphing Calculators $1,802.32 $5,922.20
Kim Bates District Expression Basic Kit $1,769.88
Terra Dodds High School Soccer Soccer Goals $1,000.00
Holly O’Donnell District Sensory Integration Room $1,200.00
Patricia Klein District Big Brother/Sister Programs $150.00
Fall Paula Fedewa District Fossil Samples $500.00 $5,629.00
Kristen Hood Colt Elementary Homework Project Supplies $100.00
Beth Kaiser High School Operation Recess $600.00
Ben Knapp High School Reflections Tuxedos $996.00
Dave Larzelere High School Music Folders $1,533.00
Cindy Sartor Elmwood Elementary History Museum $400.00
Luke Slocum High School Mascot Uniform $1,000.00
Stacy Trial Waverly Soccer Club Soccer Club Portable Shelters $500.00
2007 Spring Michelle Beghein High School Photography Club $1,532.75 $11,472.25
Thom Glasovats High School Portable Document Cameras $1,300.00
Tonya May Waverly East Reading Resources $787.50
Brooke McComb High School Retro-Fit School Sign $2,300.00
Stephanie Sanchez High School Volleyball Equipment $2,052.00
Holly O’Donnell Winans Elementary Assistive Technology Devices $1,000.00
Dian Whitford Colt Elementary Smart Board Technology $1,000.00
Jamie Mathews High School Softball Equipment $1,500.00
Fall Michelle Frederick Colt Elementary Educational Rug $469.99 $6,262.64
Michael Pixley High School Photo Lab Equipment $667.65
Eldon McGraw & Ryan Covey High School Funding for Spring Play $1,000.00
Cindy Sartor, Karen Burgess, Mandi Nemeth, Rhonda Berns & Karen Linton Elementary Schools Big History Lesson Program $625.00
Mike Zimmerman High School Tennis Windscreens $3,500.00
2008 Spring Mark Nester Windemere View Water Garden Project $300.00 $1,873.00
LuAnn Stuible & Debbie Quinn Middle School Projector & Document Camera $1,573.00
Fall David Hill High School Swim Team Lane Markers $760.00 $2,976.71
Daniel Carr High School Spanish Class Project $500.00
Jamie Matthews High School Cheer Mats $550.00
Jamie Matthews High School Waverly Flag – REMOVED from web? $325.00
Kysha Crenshaw Elementary Schools Letter Tiles $841.71
2009 Spring Heather Hicks High School Geometer’s Sketchpad & Book $1,621.84 $2,621.84
Jennifer Spurbeck & David Larzalere High School Chamber Music $1,000.00
Fall Eldon McGraw Middle School Play Production $1,760.84 $4,486.32
LuAnn Gibbs Winans Elementary Staff Support Library $500.00
Mary Whittet Winans Elementary Early Reading Books $1,000.00
Dan Carr High School BiLingual Book Project $700.00
Bevin Francis Windemere View Sensory Equipment $525.48
2010 Spring Shelly McGee Waverly East Microscopes $1,049.00 $5,995.55
Michael Pixley High School Photography Class Material $651.71
Mary Whittet Winans/Elmwood Art/Spanish Books $500.00
Allison Orwat Winans Elementary Jr. Great books $1,000.00
Dan Carr High School World Language Night video/music $67.00
Kelly Blake Waverly East RTI Intervention Texts $1,000.00
Renee Gutierrez High School Voice Recorders $1,727.84
Fall Jose Gutierrez Middle School Rosetta Stone $674.10 $2,223.92
Anne Slocum District Destination Imagination $350.00
Michael Pixley/Mary Faber High School Celebrating Diversity $1,199.82
2011 Spring Dr. Jones Administration Books for Superintendent Story Time $631.29 $1,688.79
Eldon McGraw High School/Middle School Hound of Baskervilles $1,057.50
Fall Don Dimick High School Training equipment $1,324.00 $5,592.81
Don Dimick High School DVD/CD Duplication System $469.00
Dan Carr High School Voice Recorders $1,727.84
Rhonda Berns Winans Elementary Balances & Weights $329.34
Susan Ellsworth Waverly East Junior Scholastic Magazine $136.85
Jeffrey Hager Elmwood Elementary Sensory Room $317.78
Todd Simon High School WWII Operation Footlocker $50.00
Ashley Beech/Susan Burm Waverly East clarinet, trumpet, violin, cello $1,238.00
2012 Spring Chris Huff High School Weight Room Equipment $1,504.93 $8,690.96
Colleen Weinfeld High School Library Books $1,631.15
Reinstra/Holmi/Feinaur High School Girl’s Golf Bags $1,270.00
Michelle Frederick K-6th Hands-On Spanish $251.88
Dan Carr High School Hispanic Heroes Coloring Book $1,117.00
Marybeth Chasse Waverly East Sensory Room $750.00
Benjamin Knapp Waverly East Schoolhouse Rock Live $1,050.00
Kristina Boomer Waverly High French Club Museum Exhibit $1,116.00
Fall Burn/Knapp Waverly East Musical Instruments $1,118.00 $4,115.00
Dan Carr High School Spanish apps $230.00
Gary Wilson Middle School Picnic Table/Shelf materials $817.00
Kristina Boomer High School Material for French skirts $350.00
Richard Redman Middle School Bye, Bye, Birdie $1,000.00
Richard Redman High School Alice in Wonderland $600.00
2013 Spring Pat Klein Elmwood Elementary Lunch Recess Program materials $300.00 $300.00
Fall Melisa Finegan Colt Elementary Library rug $600.00 $8,178.40
Christina Alvarado Waverly East Mastering Math $747.85
5th grade math teachers Waverly East Math manipulatives $3,271.60
Michelle Blodgett Waverly East Mastering Math $747.85
Justin Haas Elmwood Elementary First Lego League $1,202.00
Mary Whittet Colt Elementary Preschool Growth $500.00
Waverly Theater Club High School Much Ado About Nothing $530.00
Renee Gutierrz High School? Pinatas $300.00
Dan Carr High School Learning stations $279.10
2014 Spring Jenny Spurbeck High School Orchestra concert uniforms $600.00 $9,995.00
Bevin Francis Waverly East LINKS curriculum, materials, games $600.00
Maureen Nauss High School Piano maintenance/repair $2,000.00
Gloria Gonzalez Administration Emergency backpacks $400.00
Melisa Finegan Colt Elementary Library books $300.00
Colleen Weinfeld High School Library books $1,000.00
Susan Burm/Benjamin Knapp Waverly East Spring Musical $500.00
Dani Gimm Colt Elementary Awesome Apps for Kindergarten $1,000.00
Justin Haas Elmwood Elementary Waverly to Morocco (teacher abroad) $500.00
Megan Karinen Colt Elementary Theapeutic Tools for Student SS $700.00
Ernest Luttig High School Electronic balance $1,395.00
TJ Hawkins High School FIT program for girls athletics $1,000.00
Fall Paul Milligan High School/Middle School Auditorium/Theatre safety upgrades $1,000.00 $4,913.00
Megan Karinen Colt Elementary Parent Skill & Social Emotional building $2,413.00
Robert Lurie High School Costa Rica project $1,500.00
2015 Spring Maureen Nauss Middle School Musical You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown $900.00 $7,226.00
Ashley Justice High School WHS College Trip $2,200.00
Katie Pike/Ben Knapp Elmwood / Winans Ukuleles $1,920.00
Mary Whittet Colt Elementary Library books – non-fiction $400.00
Lisa Lam-Wilson High School Digital Cameras for art program $1,806.00
2016 once/year Ashley Justice High School WHS College Trip $1,000.00 $11,148.19
Kristen Hood / Jeremiah Baynes Middle School PRIDE positive behavior supports $1,600.00
Kristen Hood / Kerry Biladeau Middle School LINKS peer support program $405.34
Mary Lunetta Colt Elementary Library books $1,200.00
Janet Roe Waverly East Library books $1,500.00
Scott Brooks Waverly East Musical Instruments $4,500.00
Crystal VanWalsum High School Bouncy bands $267.85
Justin Haas Elmwood Elementary STEM circuit stickers $675.00
2017 once/year Kysha Crenshaw Winans Elementary MarkerSpace – DIY create/invent $915.88 $13,655.37
Jessica Hernandez High School College Access activities $1,500.00
Peter Sherry High School HS Fitness Center Update $2,170.00
Angela Moore Colt Elementary Book Club $213.07
Mary Whittet Colt Elementary Learning materials $500.00
Michelle DeBrabander Winans Elementary Tennis program $700.00
Jenny McGraw/Robert Hollingsworth High School After school music program $2,700.00
Colleen Weinfeld High School Library books $1,080.42
Elizabeth Johnson Middle School WMS musical materials $860.00
Cheryl Frank Middle School Needlework materials $450.00
Megan Karinen Colt Elementary Parenting class materials $850.00
Barbara Morton Waverly East Project Focus $300.00
Tonya Droessler High School Success Skills program materials $1,200.00
Kandy Hannula Winans Elementary Articulation & Langauge Therapy materials $216.00
2018 once/year Cheryl Frank Middle School STEAM Supplies $550.00 $15,960.40
Jeff Parks High School Robotics team parts $1,000.00
Jeff Parks High School Quizbowl buzzers $512.00
Glasovatz & Miller High School Physics scientific calculators $1,605.00
Deborah Quinn Middle School Desk cart $125.00
Debra Major Waverly East World Atlases $1,396.00
Kate Tonnos Middle School NGSS Support Microscopes $1,335.00
Lois English Middle School Library books $5,500.00
Mary Weaver Middle School STEAM Supplies $497.43
Mary Whittet Colt Elementary STEAM Sensory Supplies $585.81
Janet Roe Waverly East Library books $1,000.00
Robert Hollingsworth High School JAM instruments $802.31
Angie Moore Colt Elementary Books $652.85
Kandy Hannula Winans Elementary Language activity for autistic $399.00
1997 – 2017 SUMMARY $207,412.59