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The Waverly Education Foundation

Established in 1993 as an output of the Superintendents School Business Partnership Committee chaired by Dr. Jon Reynolds. Its goal was to establish an alternative funding source for teachers. An initial $10,000 grant was presented to the newly formed foundation by Mrs. Susan Steiner Bolhous. These dollars were not spent on the new organization but invested to create the foundation’s endowment fund. 

The purpose of the foundation is to grow an independent funding source that will benefit students of the Waverly Community Schools when traditional school funding is not available. Teachers and staff apply for grants to support projects that encourage learning and academic progress. Grant applications are funded by individual and business memberships. 

The foundation has events that bring community awareness to the foundation and its mission. Visit our website for specific information regarding events, grants, and memberships.

Please consider joining with other supporters of Waverly Community Schools in becoming a President’s Club Member of the Waverly Education Foundation

Your President's Club Membership

is critical for the Waverly Education Foundation to financially meet our commitment of providing support to Waverly Community Schools. Your financial pledge, paid over a recommended number of years (4), allows the foundation to award grants that promote academic growth and the success of Waverly students. 

You choose how to fulfill your pledge – payments may be made at any time and for any amount. In addition to payments, all costs for attending foundation events (Golf Scramble, Gala,) are applied towards your pledge as well. 

Once your pledge form has been completed and submitted with the initial payment of $50, you are a President’s Club Member and will receive benefits (Lifetime Activities Past most events at Waverly Community Schools, Blanket, and Pin). 

The foundation is a volunteer organization that works to build strong partnerships and working relationships with all Waverly staff in order to meet our goals. Your membership is a critical first step in helping us meet our objectives in building partnerships, relationships, and financial support for Waverly Community Schools. 

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Waverly Education Foundation President's Club

As A President's Club Member, you will receive the following:

– Lifetime activities pass for two to most Waverly Community School Events

– Stadium blanket with WEF Logo

– Lapel Pin 

– Name added to the President’s Club Membership Display Board at Waverly Highschool

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