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B.Franklin Steiner and Susan Steiner Bolhouse played a crucial role in forming the
Waverly Education Foundation and have been instrumental in the success it has reached.
In 1999 the trustees of the Waverly Education Foundation believed the creation of the
Steiner Bolhouse Scholarship was an appropriate way to acknowledge their contributions.
The Steiner Bolhouse Scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating senior who has demonstrated
an understanding of the importance of community service through his or her actions while
attending Waverly Community High School. Although the grant is not based upon academic
performance, the recipient must be in an academic position to graduate from Waverly High School
and attend an institution of higher education. Originally, the trustees of the Waverly Education Foundation voted to annually award a $1,000.00 scholarship; once again, demonstrating her generosity and commitment to the Waverly community, Ms. Steiner Bolhouse volunteered to match the annual amount of $1,000.00 in
the form of a grant to be given, in the name of the scholarship recipient, to an approved Waverly Community
Schools program selected by the scholarship recipient. Nominations for the Steiner Bolhouse Scholarship
must be received no later than April 1st of the nominee's year of graduation.



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