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The Waverly Education Foundation was formed to generate a long term means to provide educational opportunities for students of all ages within the Waverly school district that will enhance quality and opportunities for a unique educational experience.

Grant Guidelines
Applications for grants from the Waverly Education Foundation will be reviewed on a group basis,
and from the group of applicants a limited number of grants may be awarded.
The deadline for submission is on or before the first Friday in January.

All grants must be used within one (1) year of the date awarded.
A grant committee has been established to review each application; the committee will recommend
which applications should be awarded grants and the amount of each grant.

The grant committee will use the following standards in evaluating each application.
Is there a clear and definite statement of the purpose of the project?
Are the objectives of the application clearly stated and do they present a realistic and worthwhile
educational purpose as set forth in Waverly Education Foundation's statement of purposes?
Has the applicant set forth the methods, materials, resources, schedule, and completion date
for the project being proposed?
Is the amount of money reasonable? Does the amount requested return a sufficient
level of value for the amount being expended?
Is this a starter project or project needing ongoing funding?
Are there similar projects being conducted or programs offered?
Does the proposed application seek to benefit a specific segment of students in a particular school
or the Waverly school system as a whole?
Does the project have the support of the particular school and the school's administrators?
Is the proposed funding for the application available through any other Waverly school source?
Has the applicant or proposed recipients and beneficiaries of the grant been involved in the
Waverly Education Foundation's fundraisers or any other of its activities?

The committee may make one of three recommendations to the Board.
Approve the application for a specific amount of funding
Return the application to the applicant with suggestions for resubmitting
Deny the application

Evaluation Process
Each recipient of a grant must provide an evaluation report at the end of the school year
in which the funds are expended. This evaluation report shall include an indication of how the funds
were expended, a written evaluation of the project, and comments by students.

Family Members
If a grant committee member is related to the applicant (aunt, uncle, parent, grandparent,etc.) that grant committee member will not participate in the review of or vote on that particular grant application.
This restriction will not apply to applications that are for the benefit of a group of students that
may include a relative or family member of a grant committee member.



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